Founder Biograph

CEO & Founder

Mr NYANDWI Emmanuel

After losing a brother, an uncle, and his grandparents to AIDS, Emmanuel Nyandwi founded APESEK with the vision of saving children orphaned from AIDS in memory of those that succumbed to the disease.
APESEK serves the region of the Rutsiro District and Ngororero District in western Rwanda which suffers from land shortages as well as high levels of malnutrition and alcoholism making life especially difficult for vulnerable children and their families.
Since 2002, APESEK has provided vital support to vulnerable children: orphans, children living with and affected by HIV, children from poor families, street children, adolescent girls, mothers, disabled people, and girls who are victims of rape. Other services include child protection, gender-based violence, development of community projects, and inclusive development, and personalized social support.
Mr. Emmanuel’s professional experience includes being a teacher for 17 years, the secretary of the National Electoral Commission in the District of Nyamyumba, the Executive Secretary of the District of ex-Nyamyumba, and the national trainer of the NPA (Norwegian People Association).