Education brings significant improvements in the lives of orphans and vulnerable children. Schools are beneficial for the child as an individual, but they also have resources that enable them to respond to the broader needs of communities.

Every child has the right to primary education. It is vital for the future of children that they go to school and take full advantage of this right. Schools are not only a place of learning, they are also important for the psychosocial development of children.

They provide a safe and structured environment, teachers provide the emotional support and supervision children need, and school teaches them how to connect with other children and develop social networks. Education also reduces the risk of HIV infection, sexual violence and rape by strengthening children's knowledge, making them aware of this problem and improving their skills. Our interventions are based above all on school integration, monitoring, the fight against abandonment and school dropout.

Support in school materials, equipment, payment of school fees remains the right way to achieve our objectives.