Our Background

APESEK, an organization created in 2002 by Mr. Emanuel Nyandwi, offers vital support to orphans and vulnerable children in the remote region of Rutsiro District and Ngororero District; Western Province of Rwanda. The aim of the organization is "to raise children’s social well-being to the same level of other children in the region". Currently we have 25,000 beneficiaries: orphans and vulnerable children, widows, teenage girls who are victims of rape, girls and women who are victims of sexual violence and human trafficking.


It provides orphans and vulnerable children with housing, health insurance, access to primary and secondary education, vocational training, socio-economic support, psychological support through an integrated community approach and allows them to make informed choices in reproductive health, HIV testing, treatment and counseling. Most importantly, they organize a community of "mentor mothers'' - women volunteers from the neighborhood / community, who look after and protect the children, ensuring they have access to basic needs.